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SPN Review: 4x08

How the hell are we at 4x08 already?! I actually can't believe I'm typing 8.

- I'm aware this was just in the recap, but I've been thinking that Cas' threat to throw Dean back into hell doesn't really fit with the compassionate and questioning side we saw last week. I'm going to chalk it up to him having a bad day.

- Before the ep turned down the funny route, I was facepalming over another woman being struck down in the shower. Do we think Kripke's secretely a bath-extremist? Also, totally called the hand print *fist pump*

- Haha, people should throw towels over "ghosts" more often.

- I'm so pleased they launched into a discussion over Uriel's statement right away. I was preparing myself to wait for that. I'm more accepting of no fallout from Sam using his powers again, because not only have we already had an episode of Dean freaking out, I do honestly believe Dean's starting to turn around on them considering his conversation with Castiel at the end. So it makes sense to brush that under the carpet...for now.

- I feel the biggest letdown of this episode was that the waiter was only in the boys' first scene *g* wasn't he awesome and oh so gleeful? Even his buttons flashed! I believe Dean and I were making the same faces every time he spoke.

- I really did try to take these hell conversations seriously, really I did, but down under? Seriously? Could we not have come up with a better nickname boys? Or better still, why not just call it hell? Considering the things I say when I'm sitting in restaurants, I don't think you'd turn too many heads.

- I like that Dean's still on DENY DENY DENY mode, instead of caving at the first push (more on that later). It's interesting to look at his posture, how hunched in on himself he is, while Sam's open and reaching out with his arms quite far toward Dean across the table. I'm getting flashes of 2x04 when Sam begged Dean to let him help with their father's death. Oh boys.

- We're being treated so much recently, I mean that's Dean almost in a single layer again. Nom nom nom Dean.

- Bwahaha, Dean spitting his beer back out. So noble.

- Hee! Sam, you're rubbish *snugs* though you are rather amusing in your befuddlement.

- It's intriguing that Sam would call his book Supernatural. Now I have this image in my head of the series ending with a much older Dean Sam telling the Winchester tale to his grandchildren - though perhaps, a heavily downplayed and sparklised version.

- That's some excessive staring you've got going on there, Sam. I'm a tad frown-ey face that show is pretty much saying a hot girl would never go for a less attractive guy, or vice versa. Shallow much, show? I don't feel the need to rant about it however, because I myself get quite annoyed when people take stuff like that on the show too seriously (see: the giant debate on Dean being a sexist bastard *eyeroll*).

- It's nice rewatching the episode and noticing the flash of the lottery winner in the newspaper and Todd being chased by the bullies before they actually become relevant.

- As soon as bigfoot was mentioned, I was calling trickster. It's nice to be wrong. It's also nice to see the boys make so many WTF faces in the one episode.

- I do like when they walk so close together, they keep accidentally brushing against one another *happy sigh*

- Head-turning in sync FTW! Knee-brushing when sitting down FTW!

- The continued use of Busty Asian Beauties makes me gleeful.

- TEDDY BEAR DOCTORS?! BWAHAHA! BEST COVER EVER! This is when the episode picks up for me, before this it was just okay.


- I think Audrey's the best kid we've had on the show, though she's in tight competition with Todd for the spot. Can I only be here for tea parties too?

- I may have nearly died through the "killing teddy" scene. Like actually almost stopped breathing laughing kind of dead. If I thought Ben's last episode was ridiculous...

- Sam's pretty.

- Oh I love the confirmation that Sam doesn't want to go back to his old life. He's changed so much since season one and it's funny that Dean still seems half oblivious to it in that he still believes that's the life Sam wants, that Sam will one day ditch him to go back to it. I like to think this also hints that Sam couldn't leave Dean now either, though I do still want a declaration of platonic love and devotion Sam's take on life without Dean.

- Dean said Sammy! I feel like it's been forever since he's called him that, though I doubt it actually is. I most likely just can't remember.

- It's interesting that Sam would wish for Lilith dead, rather than Dean not going to hell in the first place. I suppose if Sam's still operating on the mindset that Dean doesn't remember anything, it makes sense considering he's already got his brother back. It just strikes me as a tad odd, is all. It also throws away my conclusions from 4x06 that Sam was perhaps letting go of that need for revenge. Oh Sammy. It seems you've really taken up your father's mantle now, pursuing a demon for killing someone you loved. Dean looks kind of disappointed. Wonder what he thought Sam would say?

- Hee Dean *snugs*

- You jab him in the shoulder Sam, you jab him. Naughty boy.

- Pretty, pretty, pretty Dean. Even if you were just throwing up, which eewwwwww! It's nice to have Dean being research boy for a change.

- *dies again* I can't believe I'm sitting cackling over a teddy bear attempting suicide. BRAIN CANNOT COMPUTE! The puff of fluff was truly inspired, Edlund.

- Dean looks wrecked on waking, oh petal *snuggles very tightly* nice continuity that Dean's still sleeping at odd times to presumably avoid resting until he absolutely has to. I'm glad Sam says he's picked up on it *pats him on the head* I was worrying he'd been so wrapped up in the powers that he'd been oblivious. Though the drinking's a new one. I don't recall noticing Dean's excessive drinking except from 4x06. Can anyone confirm?

- That's the second time Dean's said an extended please and Sam's caved (even though the earlier time it was only temporarily). I like it, show. Is this your subtle way of saying Sam can't really say no to Dean and would do anything for his brother? Oh Dean, the way his face changes from smiling to morose as soon as Sam starts talking about the job *snuggles again*

- EXTENDED BROTHER STARING FTW! It's especially exciting when both boys look so pretty!

- Hope reminds me of an older whatsherface from that Disney wizards show...this and my miley cyrus lookalike last week may be a sign I'm passively watching the Disney Channel too much (in that my sister's always watching it and I ended up seeing many, many snatches of the shows). Also, this devotion's creepy. They should take tips from the Winchesters: Adorable Devotion 101.

- Should we be amused that Ben Edlund, who used to work on Angel, named his geeky guy, who got the girl (and then lost the girl soon after), Wes?

- The boys are standing very close together again *yay arms* also, if they're teddy bear doctors on Thursdays, does that mean that's their true job description?

- I love that Dean feels the need to lean closer to Sam to get a better look. Their heads are practically touching.

- Oh Sam, I do love it when you're all badass. That scene where you suddenly appear behind Gordon with the gun in Hunted will live in my memory forever.

- BOYS TALKING IN UNISON! I love the back-and-forth between the boys and how they present their argument together, as opposed to properly taking turns to chat to Wes. What I love most though is Dean mentioning they have to fight to keep what they've got when we know all they've got is each other *draws hearts*

- *kneels before Todd*

- Are we supposed to draw parallels between Todd and the bullies, and Dean and the demons? It's just the way Todd says, "every day, every day, you do not know what it's like," and, "couldn't stop them, couldn't do anything." I'm guessing this is where Dean's supposed to have his turnaround, to decide he'll tell Sam. I'm just afraid you didn't quite pull it off Ben, sorry. Dean didn't act affected enough for this to be his turning point.

- Mwahaha, Dean you're such a geek. You were going to Spiderman him? That punch sounded sore.

- I was so shocked when Sam got struck by lightning (*snorts*). Then I got quite anxious Dean was going to find him before they fixed it *whimpers* I don't think my fragile heart could take another scene of Dean sobbing over a dead Sammy.

- Dean with children *glee hands*

- Awwww Wes *snuggles* you really have a thing for making us feel for the "bad guy", dontcha Ben?

- Dean smiling and waving at Audrey *glee hands*

- BZUH *is bewildered* now? We're having this conversation now? There's virtually no build-up to Dean deciding to come clean and to me, it feels like it came from the left field with no warning. Don't get me wrong, the scene in itself is brilliantly done. I just would have preferred more angst-ing before the big reveal. I can see what they were going for: a recreation of 2x04 where the boys argued over there being something wrong with Dean and Sam pushing him to talk until Dean eventually gives in during the last scene. That too was shocking, I could hardly believe it when those first words fell from Dean's lips, but the difference there was that Sam had known for three episodes (including 2x04) and had been pushing for Dean to talk for three episodes, so it felt like a natural progression when Dean finally admitted how torn up he was. This is especially true considering how well tied-in Dean's feelings were to that particular episode. Here, we're missing that connection between myth and motw (save slightly Todd, which was barely dwelt on) and Sam's only been pushing for two scenes from our viewpoint, so it's rather odd and bewildering when Dean chooses to come clean at the end. It could of course be pointing to Dean realising how destructive keeping secrets from each other has been in the past, but since he doesn't allude to that at all, we've not got much to go on as to why Dean did what he did. So a little disappointing, if I'm honest.

- Saying that, I love the scene in itself. Jensen and Jared play it beautifully and I love the little insight into how broken Dean actually is, especially because of how he asks Sam if it'll heal him. Oh Dean. I must admit, I'm still confused as to how Dean can still be functioning, never mind pretty normal, if he remembers everything from hell (especially, as like I said, we haven't noticed much save the occasional flashes and the odd sleeping patterns). I adore the parallels they draw with Sam though. Dean pretty much tells Sam almost exactly what Sam said to Dean about his powers; that's there's something "inside" him that Sam won't understand and that he can't make Sam understand. I'm hoping this won't broaden the gap between them, but help bridge it in that they're both isolated due to something and they need to agree to disagree in both cases, and unite to stay afloat of both.

- It's rather heartbreaking when both boys look set to cry at the same time. I love how upset Sam looks at Dean's words. He's so calm and controlled sometimes in the face of Dean's pain, that I adore when they pull that back and show just how much Dean actually does mean to him *snuggles both boys incredibly tightly*

There was so much to love here and it's such a quotable episode, and yet, I'm left not as squeeful as I have been for others. There was something not quite right about it, something missing, and I think I'll blame that on the non-existant link between the mytharc and the motw (and perhaps my anxiety at all these funny episodes in a row; are we using the comedy quota up now so we can delve knee-deep in angst soon). However, that being said, it was still an excellent episode. Do not forget this is season 4 and even the slightly less awesome eps are better than the majority of the rest of the series so :) our standards of what is good and bad have changed dramatically since last season. I can already say I'm liking season 4 better than my old fav season 2, and that's us only 8 episodes in. God show, how far you've come!


- "Women, showers, we gotta save these people."
- "I can sense that about you, Candice. That whole...sensitive thing."
- "That, uhhhhh, is a big foot."
- "He's a girl drink drunk."
- "Why am I here?" "For tea parties!"
- "Are we going to kill this teddy bear?" "How, huh? What shoot it? Burn it?" "I don't know...both?" "How do we even know that's going to work? I don't want some giant flaming pissed off teddy on our hands."
- "What are we supposed to do huh? Stop people's wishes from coming through. It sounds like a pretty douchey thing to do."
- "I'm your brother. I just wish you'd talk to me." "Be careful what you wish for." "Cute."
- "Come on, can we stow the couples therapy, huh?"
- "Aren't you the guys from the health department?" "Ya, and florists on the side." "Plus FBI, and on Thursdays, we're teddy bear doctors."
- "Something bad. Like us."
- "We never get what we want. Fact, we have to fight tooth and nail just to keep whatever it is we got."
- "Why can't we just get what we want?" "Cos that's life Wes."

Ranking: 1, 3, 7, 6, 8, 5, 4, 2 (still subject to a change of 1 and 3, and now subject to a complete change of where 8 goes once I've rewatched it again. I also loved 5 more than this reflects so I may have to watch 5, 6 and 8 again to decide.)

Also, for all those on my flist who are members of spnfencentral, I'm so sorry for the lack of news last night! This is what happens when I'm out all day, my brain forgets. I'll apologize in my next news post obviously, but felt I should at least say something here, cos I feel bad about it.

ETA: OMG have you guys seen the ratings for last night?! 3.73 million! Oh show!!! There's still a chance we'll drop, but hopefully not by much!
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