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SPN Review: 4x07

Look at my icon! Castiel's true purpose revealed!

I feel I should warn you, since this is the first time we've seen Cas since episode 3, my recap on his first scene may be made up entirely of me flailing crazily. Just saying.

- I'm not going to dwell on the razor blades except to say SERIOUSLY SHOW?! Owww and ewww! There's chocolate in the fridge and I feel disturbed at the prospect of eating it. HOW CAN THIS BE?!

- I'm still taken aback every time the new credits crash onto the screen, not in awe, but mostly, "oh, it's these ones." They strike me as odd, I like them, but they're odd.

- I was totally amused by Dean checking the oven on first watch. I was with the wife, what the hell would be in the oven?! Clearly the boys are much smarter than me.

- HEX BAG! IT MUST BE WITCHES! Again. I do love recurring themes. By powers of deduction, I predict that we're due one more witch episode before the end of the series (three vampire eps, three shapeshifter eps...). Though one does wonder if the mention of the witch from the Wizard of Oz last week counts? Hmm.

- Dean has no fear, man (see: first comment on razor blades). Also, I'm bemused by the way he says, "It's Halloween, man." I keep getting Chad Michael Murray flashes and I DONT...KNOW...WHY!

- I have mastered the powers of credit avoiding. I had to make a point of looking back to see a) what the exact title was and b) who the writer was. Hell, if I wasn't spoiled for Castiel (WHEE) this week, I would probably not have noticed Misha's name.

- I adore Dean in green, and they've been treating me these last few eps. God he's pretty.

- Anyone else think the roasted brunette looked like an older Miley Cyrus? I think it was only in the initial shot of her, but once the seed was planted...

- I was totally expecting a repeat of the razor blades in the apples, so I spent most of that scene as I did the first: behind my hands. Dibs for doing something different show, I thought you were opting for another drowning. Gross blisters *shudders* note to self, never eat candy or bob for apples, got it?

- Hee, Dean, you're such a man!whore, and Sam knows it.

- I heart snarky!Dean so epically, particularly his leprechaun comment. Leprechauns should totally be on the show. Dean would be giddy, Castiel would be bemused and Sam would role his eyes repeatedly. What's not to love? Julie Siege is ticking all my Dean boxes (and she totally ticks all my Castiel boxes too). Very nice job for a first timer (I think). She can write again *nod nod* man, I'm pretty much typing out all of Dean's comments in this scene, they're wicked!

- Did I mention that I love when Supernatural sets up epic situations like a "slaughter house"? Because I do *glee hands*

- Dean's gorgeous, have you noticed? The lighting in the motel room and that shirt and JENSEN nom nom nom!

- Hee, I think Sam went where I did with Dean's admission he'd choose a hot cheerleader *snorts*

- A violent altercation. That was a bit of a big phrase for me at 6 in the morning, show, though that's hardly your fault. Technically I should have been watching it at 9pm. Oh and Jerome, what a name.

- The hell soundbites freaked me out more than the flashes we've had previously. Do we think that's what demons look like in hell? On a related note, I wonder if Dean's sleeping properly yet and how often he 'remembers'. I know it's not something one could easily forget, but I'd imagine if he thought about it constantly, he wouldn't be functioning at all. Which is another thing; I've noticed a few people questioning just how much Dean remembers...um, didn't we find out last week that he remembers everything? Have you forgotten or are you just loathe to believe anything even a fake demon says? I do agree though, if Dean does remember everything, how he's still so normal completely befuddles me.

- Naww, look at Sam's fond smile at Dean's bong glee *snuggles boys*

- I wonder if Don was named after the sound guy, Donald. I liked him, till he went all evil on us.

- Evil astronaut child! Now I'm having Jensen Eye of the Tiger flashbacks (the bit where he shoots both his arms out to the left), cos he reminds me of Buzz Lightyear when he does that.

- Pause Sam as he bursts in the door. No seriously. Sam in-action is hilarious!

- CAS! *SQUEALS* it has been FAR too long. Yes, you're still just as pretty as you were since last we saw you (OMG, like a month ago! Never again Kripke.).

- You know what I love? That Cas makes a point of saying hi to Sam, that Sam totally fangirls the angels, that Cas pauses before choosing to take Sam's hand and that he covers Sam's hand with both of his in a caring gesture, instead of being repulsed by the demonic blood coursing through his veins, as I'm sure Uriel would have been.

- So the angels know Sam's promised to stop using his powers. I wonder how much Cas listens to/watches them? Look, he even holds onto Sam's hand for probably a little longer than is necessary. Oh shush, I'm still riding on the Castiel high.

- Hee, I know I've said it before, but when Misha crosses the room, it's really obvious how tiny he is compared to Jensen and Jared. He really could fit in my pocket, right? I'm having trouble recapping this scene, I keep letting it play out instead of pausing to type my thoughts. Ha, thoughts.

- The placement of Uriel is brilliant. I love that he keeps interjecting without even bothering to turn around. I also like that for all Dean may have a little respect for and be willing to listen to Castiel, Uriel simply being an angel too doesn't win him any points from Dean *hearts Dean* you have to earn his trust, Uriel. I love that, it's so Dean.

- Cas seems so reluctant when he introduces Uriel to the boys, like he's forcing himself to go through with it. I thought this before the end scene but that's only re-enforced the idea: Cas' entire body language just screams that he's not happy with this plan, that he's perhaps even uncomfortable being in Uriel's presence considering the angel's function (which, OMG show, we're really going places this season, aren't we). Despite defending the plan when Dean challenges it, initially as Dean starts ranting (after the metal teeth chomp), Cas seems to have shrunk into himself, eyes fixed to the floor.

- You know what else I love? That Cas still hasn't learned about personal space, or excessive staring, which Dean seems to no longer have any problem with. I like that Castiel doesn't break Dean's gaze, even when Sam is adressing him about finding the witch. He's struck a chord with Dean and he knows it, oh Dean *snugs*

- Mud monkey's?! Bwahaha!

- Look how upset Castiel looks as he turns away. I wonder if it's simply because he hates appearing so cold-hearted or whether he realises the impact their behaviour is having on Sam's faith, and to an extent on Dean's faith, at least in Cas.

- Oh, we're pushing Dean's buttons tonight, aren't we, Castiel? Now am I just too in love with this guy or was that a flicker of hope in Cas' eyes as Dean tells him the plans have changed? I adore that it is Uriel that Dean faces off to, but Cas he appeals to.

- It seems Cas is the one in charge here, though I do wonder if that's merely because he is the one with the connection to Dean. If Uriel is a specialist, surely that would make him higher up the chain? I guess it depends on whether your ordinary angel can take a dip into hell or not. I'd love for Dean to question Castiel on why it was him, and not another angel, that pulled him from the pit. I like to think there's a reason why Cas was chosen, though I may be influenced by a fic with that desire.

- Dean looks surprised that Cas gives in. Though I suppose with threatening his brother and considering blowing up a town, Dean doesn't have much to go on to point to Cas' good intentions.

- Do the writers have a vendetta against the Impala this season? They can't crash it again, so they'll make do with horrifying us with product placements and flour (?). Ha, Sam laughs in the background, or should I say Jared?

- Dean once again encourages Sam to keep his faith, despite having little himself. Dean likes Sam to have hope, to believe in a greater good methinks. Interesting, though, that Dean comments there's nothing more dangerous than an asshole on a holy mission, when that's what Dean admitted he thought he was on in 4x05. Could be just a throwaway line, could be a disbelieving remark aimed at himself that he's actually been going along with the angels. This scene is beautiful and one of the few scenes this season that really sees the brothers united, Dean playing the big brother and Sam willing to listen.

- Castiel and Uriel scene *yay arms* I love Cas' faith in Dean, that maybe he will save the seal, and his rebuke of Uriel calling the human's mud monkeys. Again, Cas seems to have the higher authority, though there's a greater sense of ease and equality between them in this scene, perhaps because Cas knows Uriel won't be blowing anyone up. Uriel still appeals to Cas to screw their orders however, like he needs Castiel's consent with the plan before he'll do it.

- Oh it's her! No, it's him! No, it's actually her! Love it, I was actually duped into believing each twist. Did not see that final reveal coming at all. Though one does wonder why it's always siblings that choose to sacrifice/kill the other...

- Sorry, I got a little sidetracked by Sam smearing blood on Dean's face *stares*

- Now that is a big fucking demon, did you see the amount of smoke that came out of the ground? Freaky eyes man. Though no more neck snapping, please, it totally freaks me out.

- Didn't take long for Sam to consider using his powers again, did it? Oh Sammy.

- Wow, that is a shitload of blood! Zombies *glee hands* and these are proper zombies too *double glee hands* oh SPN, you spoil us with witches, ghosts and zombies on Halloween!

- I must admit I was quite surprised when Sam took a swing at Samhain. I thought he'd already convinced himself that only the powers would work, hence why he went off alone. Go Sam for at least trying the conventional way first, shame Dean didn't see you do that.

- It was about here that I started a constant litany of "no, Sam"'s and "oh Sam"'s, complete with bad flaily hands. God, it took so much power his nose bled! The best part of the entire scene was the eye contact between Dean and Sam. I was curious as to why Dean didn't make a move to stop it. The knife was behind Samhain, Dean could easily have grabbed it and killed him before Sam could. Instead, he stood frozen, whether from shock or Sam's powers themselves. Perhaps this is due to an extension of Sam's powers to cover humans now or perhaps Dean has come back with a little demon in him (oh noes, Dean). I just found it odd that Dean would do nothing while Samhain was getting closer and closer to Sam - what if Sam hadn't exorcised him in time? Also also also, I'm not 100% sure, but I think Sam's eyes did go black there. Which is awfully worrying, but at least preferable to yellow. OH, look how devastated Dean is *snuggles both boys close* you need to hug again boys, that's what you need to do, and maybe sob a little together.

- Uriel, you're rather kickass, even if you're a bit of a bastard. I'm totally desperate for a Castiel v Uriel smackdown, where Uriel attempts to kill Sam (and maybe Dean too) and Cas stands in his way. You may come again, too.

- I didn't even think about it being almost the anniversary of Mary's death till Uriel mentioned it.

- OH OH OH! Bad Uriel, BAD! Still, I'm pleased Sam knows. Can't wait to see the fallout from this, and from Sam using his powers again. Wonder how long Sam will wait before he brings it up...

- Was that a laugh? Cas, were you laughing?! *clappy hands* nice development that Dean's no longer jumping when Cas suddenly appears.

- Love their true orders. For all I liked seeing the harder edge of Cas again, this compassionate facet of his personality is much more appealing and intriguing. I like that he cares for the people he's saving, that he feels the need to explain himself to Dean, that he's questioning what's right and what is wrong - and I reckon that development occured when there was the real possibility that he would play a part in the deaths of over 1000 people. This is my favourite treatment of Cas' character since Kripke's in 4x01. So let Uriel be the hammer, Cas can be the softie.

- Nice callback to 3x12, where Dean made the same sort of choice (choosing not to kill innocents for the greater good) and yet failed in the end to accomplish the goal. Everything seems to be pointing to a sacrifice of an innocent life to win this war, and that's been hinted at not just in these two episodes. I guess the question will be, at such a point will Dean do it or will he let the world go to hell to follow the moral code he lives by? I have such an awful feeling that that sacrifice is going to be Sam, and if it is, we're getting hell on earth, people, hell on earth.

- For all I'm sure Dean isn't on board (yet?) with Sam using his powers, I do think we see a slight acceptance of the good Sam can do when Dean acknowledges everyone is still there because of them.

- I hope Dean tells Sam about this. Hearing that at least one of the angels was as righteous as he'd hoped would surely help Sam retain his faith.

- Cas is quite fond of saying "Dean" every five seconds too, much like Sam.

- Excessive staring FTW! And we all thought Sam and Dean were bad for that.

- Know what else I love, that Cas confides in Dean. Is this the start of a tentative friendship?

I seriously loved this episode and found it quite difficult to review, as I kept getting caught up watching it. As I'm sure you can tell, I adore Cas and must say, I'd love to see Uriel again. The fallout from this ep is going to be epic! Lets hope it follows soon after.


- "Uuuuh, lame."
- "Two words: jail bait."
- "Wow, insightful."
- "Kay, so this witch wants to raise Samhain and take back the night?"
- "So we're talking ghosts?" "Ya." "Zombies?" "Mhm." "Leprechauns?" "Dean." "Those little dudes are scary. Small hands."
- "There's a reason we were sent to save him. He has potential, he may succeed here."
- "So I gave it a shot." "You gave it a shot?"
- "Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well that's it. I'm torching everybody."

Ranking: 1, 3, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 (still subject to a change of 1 and 3)
Tags: spn review, supernatural
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